Kids Work

The BIG picture

There are thousands of children in our city, full of promise and potential.  They have their lives ahead of them. We want to see them full of the life God has promised them.  We want to ensure every child hears the invitation of Jesus to come and follow Him and is enabled to live a life of adventure, a life defined by the love, joy and peace of God.

There’s an opportunity for our church to pour out our lives into the next generation and see a radical, unshakable wave of saints rise up in this land.


  • To see children passionate for Jesus, growing into on fire young men and women of faith;
  • To see children walking through life together inspiring each other to burn brightly for God in our city;
  • To see children who chase after God in ways that challenge and inspire others;
  • Children who preach and demonstrate the gospel to see whole families transformed by God
  • Children who see a shift in the culture of this city because Jesus is displayed through them.

The Strategy

Every child needs to hear the invitation of Jesus ‘let the little children come to me’ and Forge Kids is about making that happen for all the children in Sheffield whatever their background.  We want to get out there and run effective expressions of God-centred children’s work in communities across our wonderful city.  We want to see children pulled out of poverty, set free from abuse and restored to their full God ordained life.  We want all children to have the opportunity to be secure in the knowledge of God’s love for them and free to pursue the call on their lives to live for him.


So we’re going to shout about Jesus in the schools, we’re going to preach him on the street corners, we’re going to gather in church halls, school yards, lounges and community centres, wherever we can to praise his name and make him famous. We’re going to plant ‘Targets’ across this city and walk alongside children as they find their way in this world in every way we can.

We are going to partner with families right from the beginning of their child’s life to give kids Godly firm foundations on which they can build their whole lives.

This is a call to lay down our lives for the children of the city; it’ll be really tough and it’ll be loads of fun.  The legacy God invites us to be part of building will not only transform a city but will impact the whole of eternity.

“It takes a whole community to raise a child.”