Restore Prayer Week

Restore Prayer Week

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Joel Hamer


Come and join in with Restore’s prayer week 4th June until 11th June. There will be gatherings for prayer and worship throughout this week in the prayer room and other venues.

We will be asking God to touch the lives of the marginalised in our city and for Him to speak to us about Restore.  Watch this space for more info.

If you have a passion for prayer and /or a passion for the marginalised of our city then please get in touch with Jayne Franklin at the Church office about how you can get more involved.

Here are some ways to pray throughout the week:

Meal Times 

Use the following meal times to help you to pray for yourself, family, households and communities as well as Restore. Your prayers will make a difference for Restore and in turn will make a difference for our cityJ

Breakfast: Give thanks for all that God has done through Restore; thank Him for the projects that you know of and how they are helping those in need. Please pray that Restore remains in the Father’s love that we have an increased understanding of how much the Father loves us.

Lunch: Pray that Jesus helps the Restore Team to love each other with the love that God has given to us and that we are able to serve and bless our friends in the city who might be lonely, poor and in need.

Tea time: Pray that Restore is really effective in helping people to get to know Jesus and grow in friendship with Him. Pray that our faith grows so that we know with confidence that when we ask for help in Jesus’ name it is answered.

At the end of the day ask God to speak to you; ask Him ‘What is next for Restore? What do you want to do?’

We would love to hear what God is saying to Restore; is He wanting us to do something new or differently?

When you pray God may give you a picture or a verse, please take the time to write or draw this and send it to:


Daily Prayers

There will be more posted on FB during the week.

Sunday: Pray for Him to speak to us about potential new opportunities and for Him to provide the resources, finances and people that are needed to continue the work of Restore. Pray that through our work individual lives are transformed through God’s love.

Monday: Pray for God to help us to work in partnership with other churches across our city. Pray that as Restore meets with other churches there is an increased sense of bringing about transformation in our city through the church being united as they reach out the vulnerable and marginalised. There’s Networking meeting planned for 5th July.

Tuesday: Please pray for Cuthbert House. Give thanks that we now have 5 tenants, pray that we increase in team members, that the men engage with the team, that they make positive life choices, and that they break free from any struggles that they might have.

Wednesday: Please pray for Plugged In – our discipleship group. Pray for direction for the future and more team members, pray that God speaks about how to be more effective in discipling those in Restore. Pray for those who have been baptised last month. Pray for them as they grow in their faith, pray that they make decisions to put themselves in places where they can grow in their faith and that this has an impact on other members of their families and Restore and that they too decide to take steps closer to Jesus.

Thursday: Pray for the EBay social enterprise. Please pray that people donate items that can be sold, that we grow in team members to sell items and send them off.

Pray for Life Skills and Job Club courses: pray that people learn new skills, secure employment and through the kindness that is shown through the groups come to know Christ.

Pray for Connect Cafe: Pray that those who are vulnerable and isolated have the courage to attend the Cafe and experience God’s transforming power.

Friday: Pray for food Bank (also clothes and Fuel bank) pray for an increase in food donations, and more volunteers.

Saturday: Please pray for Good News Cafe – A cafe that is run from the cathedral on a Saturday morning. Pray for more volunteers so that the team are able to serve a hot breakfast and have the time and resources to chat to the men and women who attend. Pray that more of those that attend GNC start going along to Streetwise.

Thank you for being part of our first Restore Prayer Week! Let’s see what wonderful things our heavenly father does through our prayers.