Communities are at the centre of family life at Network Church Sheffield.

They are groups of people committed to growing in their faith and their relationship with God, being family to each other and reaching out to those around them.  They are formed around people groups such as students or families and contexts such as workplace or neighbourhoods.

They are places where everyone is encouraged to grow in their understanding of who God made them to be, discover the unique abilities that He has given them and use these to seek out and bless where God is working in the people they meet every day, whether at the school gate, at work or just at the local shops!

Each Community has a regular pattern of meeting during the week and gather together with the whole church on Sundays for worship and teaching.  Communities are encouraged to build rhythms that will help members connect with each other and to engage in mission to our city through various activities ranging from having neighbours in for lunch, going for a walk together, joining in a locally run activity or getting alongside one of the Restore ministries reaching out to the poor and vulnerable in the City.

Communities are a great place to meet people, grow as a Christian, see people’s lives transformed and of course have fun!