Time Out: Freshers Week!

Time Out: Freshers Week!

Thousands of students flooded through the University of Sheffield Students Union last week for Freshers week. Whether they’re dressed up as animals for ‘Roar’ on a Wednesday night or tumbling into a ball pit on Friday night, they’re there for a good time, to start the year with a bang, and for many, an escape from the pressures of their studies! After a night of drinking, dancing and sometimes drama, many students want some time out. They want a space where they know they are safe and looked after, and can also access water & free biscuits if they choose! This is where Time Out comes in.

Time Out is exactly what it says on the tin – a timeout on a night out. Every day throughout Freshers week, volunteers from St Thomas Philadelphia hosted a Time Out space in the SU, meaning many students met a friendly face with biscuits and water on their night out!

What does an average night look like?

Thanks to a growing partnership with the University of Sheffield Students Union, Time Out is held inside the SU. They graciously provide an abundance of biscuits for students to feast on whilst the Time Out team provide a safe space for them to relax. Time Out usually begins around midnight and finishes at 3am! What may be unsociable hours for many, is the height of a student night out and therefore a time where a safe space is needed the most.

There is no such thing as an average night, but each night usually consists of serving students water and biscuits, being a friend to listen and ensuring they are safe. After a few drinks, many students are keen to share how they’re feeling, and the Time Out team are happy to be a listening ear. Working alongside the SU security means safety is a priority. Both team and students are well looked after!

How can you get involved? 


  1. Volunteer

If you are a current student, we need you. With a growing need and desire from many students for Time Out, more volunteers are required! Time Out is for students, run by students, so if you’re up for being involved, get in touch!

2. Spread the word

Students will only come to Time Out if they know its there! If you’re on a night out and your friend needs a break, send them over. We’ll help get them back on their feet.

3. Pray!

We love serving the SU and feel incredibly fortunate to have an opportunity to provide safety and friendly face on a night out. If you’re the praying kind, please pray that this relationship with the SU keeps improving, and that more students are blessed on a night out.