Restore: what’s on over summer?

Restore: what’s on over summer?

The heart of Restore is a desire to see hope restored and potential released in every person who comes into contact with us, and this does not stop over the summer holidays.

For both the restore service users and the team involved, Restore does not slow down over the summer holidays, but instead speeds up! For example, with children off school and expenses increasing, the need for Food Bank rises. This provides a brilliant opportunity to serve, love and provide for the families most in need.

Family Dinners

The children’s team are hosting meals for families who have used Food Bank and CAP services, as well as providing a space for children to play and relax during Playtime. This time for parents is crucial in unwinding, relaxing and gaining a peace of mind during a potentially stressful time. We love seeing the positive effects that this space has on families during the summer holidays!

Cafe Church @ Streetwise

During the summer, the Sunday service at Streetwise adopts a cafe style feel, which has been successful in encouraging conversations! The message is short, but the effect is long-term, as shown by peoples’ desire to receive prayer for the first time. Connect Cafe is still running on Thursdays which is well attended, and it’s encouraging to see the effects of the work put in during the summer months!

Social Enterprise

The Restore Social Enterprise is now up and running! We have been fortunate enough to receive some very generous donations which can be sold on to make money that is put back into the Restore projects. A massive thank you to the University of Sheffield who recently donated textbooks to sell, as well as all the individuals who have donated, given and served!

CAP Holidays

Some of the families who have used the CAP programme have been awarded a short break away during the summer! This time away is crucial for family bonding time, as well as an excellent opportunity for the wider church to bless and encourage people outside of the church. Many of those going on the holidays may have difficulty finding money for travel expenses, so if you would like to give a donation, please contact Jayne Franklin at

Whilst many of us will slow down this summer, we are so thankful for those who serve, attend and give towards the work of Restore. Even during the holidays, the beach trips, the long car journeys, the spilt ice creams and the busy schedules, it’s still such a privilege to love, serve and share Jesus with those around us.