Firth Park: Social Action Day!

Firth Park: Social Action Day!

What a day! On Sunday 15th July, we gathered at Firth Park to serve the Shiregreen community!

We rolled our sleeves up, got to work and blessed people along the way.

Helping to meet serve, even in the simplest form of pulling up weeds or painting a bench, showed this community that they mattered and that they were valued.

Much like Jesus in Matthew 14, when he fed the 5,000, the volunteers helped to meet a practical need in the community. They were the ones that showed up, made life better and helped to transform Sheffield, one weed at a time. 

‘A wonderful example of the traditional value of community spirit in action. Community members, youth workers, churchgoers, staff, parents and students putting care into the environment of our school to make it the best possible place for students to learn the values of hard work and respect. Improving the look of the school to make it an even more fitting setting in which to raise their aspiration. A great way to show we care and do something positive.’ – Dean Jones, Firth Park Academy Principal

A massive thank you to everyone who came and served on Sunday! You really did make an impact and helped to make life better for people in Sheffield!



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